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Thinking Out Loud presents all kinds of “drawing”- sketches on napkins, doodles done in a meeting, margin notes, finished drawings, large drawings, tiny drawings, incomplete drawings, storyboards, site plans, sketchbook pages, proposals, iterative sketches, a first pass at a poem, drawings that have been erased or corrected, manuscripts with edits, digital renderings, epic failures and dreams so big that they can only fit on paper. This show looks at the importance of drawing and making marks on paper as a form of externalizing ideas, building community, and creating culture. It is inspired by the work of Russian psychologist Lev Vygotsky who claimed that the origins of internal thought begin as a communal, externalized activity that is shaped by the communities we are a part of and culture which we come from. This show presents the act of marks on a page as a form of thinking that happens outside of our heads, and that the act of drawing can build community and shape our culture.  

Who: Everyone who works with FY students
When: October 17-28
Where: College Avenue Galleries
How: Submissions are due by October 11 to the FY office. Both digital submissions (which we will print) and hard copy will be accepted. 

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