Ends on October 10, 2017

This application is for submission of proposal for UDIST course to be considered for the 2018/2019 academic year. 
Currently, only CCA faculty who teach in the year of application or on College-approved sabbatical are eligible to apply (i.e., the academic year prior to the academic year the UDIST course will be taught).
For courses that are co-taught or team taught, at least one faculty instructor must be teaching or at CCA on College-approved sabbatical in the year of application.

Please ensure you have reviewed the UDIST proposal guidelines and learning outcomes prior to submitting your application.

The proposal must be interdisciplinary in order to be accepted. Interdisciplinary studios often fall into one of the three following structures:

1. A topic-based course that is relevant to students working in any discipline and engages students in cross-disciplinary discussions and dialogues and studio-based learning.

2. A multidisciplinary course that involves at least three disciplines across at least two divisions, often with an emphasis on collaborative work.

3. A course that approaches interdisciplinarity as a specific discipline in its own right in which interdisciplinary is understood as more than “a variety of disciplines.” Addresses practices that are interdisciplinary in nature.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Proposals should demonstrate an understanding of the different learning/working/processing styles within different disciplines and employ these to expand student understanding and learning.

Relevance & Innovation

The subject is relevant to CCA students and offers valuable experiences that are not available to them in their discipline-specific coursework. Proposals that explore contemporary subject matter, advanced materials, exploratory techniques and developing technologies are highly encouraged.


All UDIST courses are offered six hours a week. Classes meet either once a week Monday - Friday (9am-3pm) or twice a week Mon/Wed or Tues/Thur (8am-11am or 4pm-7pm or 7:15pm-10:15pm) and/or 12pm-3pm on an as needed basis).
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